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Prepare yourself for some chaos. Prepare yourself for some fun. Engaging and exciting, each musical by Jamie Maletz will show you something unusual, unpredictable, and unbelievably entertaining. From the divorce laywer forced against his will to be Cupid- literally (Cupidity) to a 'choose your own adventure'-style show where the audience controls the plot (Choose Your Own...), each show will take you on a journey that is sure to entertain.

Interested? Use the links above to find out more about each musical, how to request the rights to produce a show, and more! 

Jamie can be reached at:, or by using the “get connected” links above.


1. "Dreams, Greed, and Sea Monsters", produced by the Arizona Women's Theatre Company as part of their annual Pandora Festival, will be playing on Sunday, November 6th at 2pm!
TICKETS: Click here 

2. "Up in the Air", produced by Outside the Vox, will be playing Friday, November 11th & Saturday, November 12th at New Way Academy in Phoenix!
TICKETS: Click here


"Choose Your Own..." photography by Gavin Maynard and Ilana Maletz. "Through the Mist" & "Oh, the Humanity!" photography by Protography (Jonny Schnaible)
"Backstage" photography by Caru Photography, Ilana Maletz & Natalie Maletz
"Cupidity" photography by Ilana Maletz & Natalie Maletz. "100 Rooms" photography by Natalie Maletz.

"...the music and lyrics are definitely the work of a future star." -Herbert Paine, Phoenix