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Artemis has lived her entire life in a social and historical experiment- a gigantic house hidden deep in the woods, with each floor set up so that the residents live in the style of a certain era. But there are secrets in the house, and with the illusion balanced so delicately, the smallest thing could cause it to crack.

Artemis' aunt, Mim, is the scientist who runs the house. Artemis is responsible for helping to keep the house clean and orderly, sticking to the shadows and staying mostly out of sight. Despite feeling like a ghost, yearning to go outside, and dealing with her boredom by causing mischief, she is relatively content with her existence. She has no idea how intensely everything is about to fall apart.

100 Rooms is a dramatic comedy in two acts.



Staged Reading in February 2015 as part of the Arizona Women's Theatre Company Pandora Festival


Break Down