Let Her Go

Jonathan Christopher sings "Let Her Go" from 100 Rooms. Orchestrations by Elspeth Collard.

This House is Our House

Mikki Sodergren & Keri René Fuller sing "This House is Our House" at 54 Below w/ Jessie Alagna, Andi Lee Carter, Clarise Fearn, Nathan Fosbinder, Devin Ilaw, Sarah Joy Kane, Julia Procaccino & Eric Sorrels.

Dark Deep Down

Adam Sowards, Kayla McLemore, and Jamie Maletz perform "Dark Deep Down" from 100 Rooms at the Composer/Lyricist Cabaret at Phoenix Theatre on May 13th, 2017

A Girl Like You

"A Girl Like You" from of 100 Rooms, performed by Randy Rice in February 2015 at the Arizona Women's Theatre Company Pandora Festival.

The Truth

"The Truth" from of 100 Rooms, performed in February 2015 as a staged reading as part of the Arizona Women's Theatre Company Pandora Festival.

No Resolution

"No Resolution" from of 100 Rooms, performed in February 2015 as a staged reading as part of the Arizona Women's Theatre Company Pandora Festival.

Heart of Stone

"Heart of Stone" from of 100 Rooms, performed by Aubrie Gast in February 2015 at the Arizona Women's Theatre Company Pandora Festival.

Let Her Go (54 Below)

Nathan Fosbinder sings "Let Her Go" from 100 Rooms at Feinstein's/54 Below on August 25th, 2018.

A long-running social experiment in the middle of the woods with no contact with the outside world...until now.

Artemis has lived her entire life in a social and historical experiment- a gigantic house hidden deep in the woods, with each floor set up so that the residents live in the style of a certain era. But there are secrets in the house, and with the illusion balanced so delicately, the smallest thing could cause it to crack.

Artemis' aunt, Mim, is the scientist who runs the house. Artemis is responsible for helping to keep the house clean and orderly, sticking to the shadows and staying mostly out of sight. Despite feeling like a ghost, yearning to go outside, and dealing with her boredom by causing mischief, she is relatively content with her existence. She has no idea how intensely everything is about to fall apart.

100 Rooms is a dramatic comedy in two acts.



Featured In-Concert at Feinstein's/54 Below in August 2018

Staged Reading in February 2015 as part of the Arizona Women's Theatre Company Pandora Festival

Break Down

Cast/Set Requirements and Production Details

100 Rooms is in two acts and lasts approximately two hours. There are minimal dancing requirements, and the show has role opportunities for both young and older actors.


1 Woman
2 Men

3-4 Women
2 Men

Residents, Tony 

ARTEMIS: An intensely curious and endearing troublemaker, who takes care of the upkeep of the house. Having lived mostly in isolation, she is not very savvy with social concepts like tact and personal space, and has very little idea how to talk to/deal with people. She is far too smart and confident for her own good, and very bold and blunt about her feelings. 

JAKE: A resident from the 1980's floor. He is a bit of a heartthrob personality. He was the kind of guy all the girls fell for back in the 80s: sincere, earnest, adventurous, very attractive and he knows it but doesn’t get too egotistical about it. He shares Artemis’ love for causing trouble and breaking rules.
LOGAN: An honorable yet uptight young policeman who follows the rule-book to a T and wants to prove himself, so he sticks to his duties with unwavering stubbornness. He is clever and calculating, and does not believe in gray areas.
MIM: Artemis' adoptive aunt. An unusual mix between a medium and a mad scientist, she possesses both intelligent/logical and absent-minded/open-minded qualities. She is a controlling and passionate person who cares deeply about the things that are important to her (her research and Artemis) and cuts off/shows no consideration for anything else.
MARGUERITE: A resident from the 1920's floor. She is a beautiful yet dangerous and vengeful woman, with a history of taking advantage of, conning, an/or seducing men to improve her own wealth/stature.

NELLIE: A resident from the 1950's floor. On the surface, she is a meek and defeated housewife, plagued by guilt and anxiety. However, there is a deep bitterness underneath.

EDWARD (DRINKER COPE): A resident of the late 1800's floor. Has a bitter rivalry with Othniel. He is genial, energetic, and quirky, though he is known for having a filthy mouth, bad temper, and perverted nature. As he was self-taught, he is hostile towards politics and bureaucracy.  

OTHNIEL (CHARLES MARSH): A resident of the late 1800's floor. Has a bitter rivalry with Edward. He is extremely reliable, professional and conservative. He is a family man and a patriot, valuing facts and precision. His work was his life, and he struggles to find his identity without it.

ENSEMBLE: Residents of the house. Based on their floor, they dress and act in the style of a specific decade or era.

Set Requirements

Grand Foyer

1920's Floor
1950's Floor
Mim's Apartment

Minimum Production Requirements


Young Mim/Mim


The Grand Foyer
A Hallway 

Requesting Rights

The Perusal Packet is free, and it contains a full synopsis, script excerpt and sheet music excerpt. Email jamie.maletz@gmail.com to request one.

Jamie Elizabeth Maletz is a composer/lyricist, bookwriter, and producer of new works of musical theater. In New York, her works have been featured at Lincoln Center, Feinstein's/54 Below, NYU, Dixon Place, Under St Marks Theater, and Broadway Night at Prohibition. She received her MFA from the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch. Maletz has written 12 full-length original musicals, most of which have received workshops/readings or productions in New York and Arizona. As a composer/lyricist, Jamie has studied with Mindi Dickstein, William Finn, Rachel Sheinkin, Michael John LaChiusa, Steven Lutvak and Sybille Pearson. Jamie is the Administrative Assistant for Maestra Music Organization, and she writes the Women Who Wow Us series for the Maestra blog. She is also the Events Coordinator for Ring of Keys and the Technical Director for the American Popular Song Society. Jamie has worked as an intern with Tom Viertel/The Commercial Theater Institute and Ken Davenport.

She is a member of The Off-Broadway League, Maestra, ASCAP, The Dramatists Guild of America, and Fractured Atlas.

Maletz received her BA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011, where she designed her own major: Creative Writing and Composition for the Performing Arts. She spent her high school years at Boston Arts Academy, a performing arts high school from which she graduated as Valedictorian.

She is a monster enthusiast & mythology nerd, she loves board games, and she is a photographer/videographer whose favorite models are her two cats, Artemis and Batman. 



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