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This musical is the ultimate backstage pass! Take a look behind the curtain during the production of a high school show. From the first rehearsal til when the show ends, the technical crews, design crews, and stage hands (aka Techies) work tirelessly- and anonymously- to make everything perfect for the audience. And sometimes what happens behind the scenes- the stuff you never see- is better than the show itself! See for yourself as you watch the goofiness, the works-in-progress, the blow-ups and the melt-downs. In this comedy rich with intertwined personal situations, you’ll find that not all the drama takes place on the stage.

Backstage is a comedy in two acts.



Full Production mounted in 2012 at the Hard Rock Café in Phoenix, AZ (Book No Book Productions)

Full Production mounted in 2013 at Desert Rose Theatre in Phoenix, AZ (Skilderverse Productions)

Special Assembly show in 2013 at Marcos De Niza High School in Tempe, AZ (Skilderverse Productions)

Encore Performance in 2013 at Canyon Moon Theatre in Sedona, AZ (Skilderverse Productions)




"I remember after going through the first round of music as a group, everything pieced together seamlessly and the lyrics and overlaps were genius! She has a vision to her productions and it's a vision that when well executed, is a production that never fails to impress the crowd." (Lyn D., "Backstage" cast member) 

"The cast was delightful, the writing was refeshing and relatable, the acting was heart warming, dancing was exciting, and the musical numbers were worth encore. We LOVED it." ("Backstage" audience member) 












Break Down