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Think Cupid is a gentle god with wings on his back and compassion in his heart? Think again. When cynical divorce lawyer Dean incurs the wrath of Aphrodite, he finds himself forced into an occupation he’d never have believed possible. Saddled with the powers of Cupid, he is forced to hear everyone’s lovelorn thoughts- in song form! Surrounded by would-be couples, Dean finds that the only way to make the singing stop is to do the unthinkable: play Cupid. Along the way, he is helped by the sweet yet lonely Cora and stalked by Aphrodite’s cronies, the sassy Cupettes. With a lighthearted variety of love stories to bring to fruition, Dean has his work cut out for him, and he’s not happy about it. If you’ve ever yearned for a matchmaker to swoop in and make your romantic dreams a reality, watch out. This ain’t no baby in a diaper.

Cupidity presents all the clichés of true love in a whole new light. Simultaneously familiar and original, Cupidity is filled with romantic situations that everyone can relate to. From being in love with your best friend to the ever entertaining love-hate relationship, these characters have got plenty to sing about- with the Cupettes to back them up! 


Cupidity is a comedy in two acts. 


Full Production in 2016 at Kirk's Studio for the Performing Arts in Scottsdale, AZ

Winner of the 2009 Studio 204 Competition at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Student Production mounted in 2009 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst



"In the world of her play Cupidity and several others, the mythical is not dead – it lives on, separated by gossamer threads, and for some of us, myths do indeed come to life... I stand in awe of her prolific writing, her sense of dialogue and timing, and I seek to emulate her knack for the mythical...I say that the theatre world at large cannot afford to miss the work of Jamie Maletz." (Joshua G., "Cupidity" cast member, 









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