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Revenge may be sweet, but the Goddesses of Vengeance are anything but! Especially since they’ve been locked away by Zeus since antiquity, as punishment for abusing their powers. But now it's the present, and the Furies are back! To regain their powers and freedom, Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone must pretend to be mortal and rescue Zeus’s son from a mental institution- without resorting to vengeance. Prepare yourself for a whole new kind of crazy as the three goddesses struggle to get accustomed the world that we live in and- even worse- human emotions. 

Oh, the Humanity is a dramatic comedy in two acts.



Nominated for two 2013/2014 ariZoni Awards (Original Script and Original Music Composition)

Full Production in May 2014 at Brelby Theatre Company in Downtown Glendale, AZ

Staged Reading in 2010 as part of the New Works Festival at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (Directed by Jason Lites)



"I had the pleasure of performing in a work of hers, and the pleasure of listening to several others. She has an excellent understanding of vocal harmony. She uses it liberally in her shows. She is always open to new ideas, and treats everyone with respect. This woman loves people and loves what she does, which is write musical theatre that is enjoyable for audience members, as much as it is for seasoned, disillusioned performers. Jamie is a breath of fresh air and a joy to work with." (Jake D., "Oh, the Humanity" cast member) 

"Oh, The Humanity in Glendale, AZ, is Oh So Good! It explores the themes of love, lust, ego, human emotion and how we deal with our flaws and mistakes.  It is at once a modern tale and a timeless story of what it means to be human...Oh, The Humanity is a delightful show – one that I wish some enterprising artistic director in Utah would bring to the Salt Lake Valley.  It is a fun show worthy of any ambitious theatre’s schedule." (Front Row Reviewers, "Oh, the Humanity!")










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