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Hidden away on a secret island that is shrouded in mist, everyone in the world who has magic in their blood lives separated from the rest of mankind. But the island is a dangerous place to be. Years ago, a woman of great evil almost destroyed the island. She was defeated, but she left something behind: a set of twins. And now there is a prophecy that spells doom for the island, the twins, and the future. Throw in a young man who somehow manages to crash his sailboat through the mist, and you've got the beginnings of an amazing and mysterious adventure...journey on, if you dare!

Through the Mist is a dramatic comedy in two acts.



Nominated for a 2013/2014 ariZoni Award (Original Script)

Full Production in October 2013 at Brelby Theatre Company in Downtown Glendale, AZ


"I was thoroughly amazed with the production and actors...It was very well done, an interesting story, plus the songs did not stop the show but were an integral part of it." (GoldStar review, "Through the Mist")

















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