Clips from Cupidity and Oh the Humanity

This is a compilation of clips from Cupidity (Studio 204 production, 2009) and Oh, the Humanity (staged reading, 2010), both performed at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Believe in love. Or else.

Think Cupid is a gentle god with wings on his back and compassion in his heart? Think again. When cynical divorce lawyer Dean incurs the wrath of Aphrodite, he finds himself forced into an occupation he’d never have believed possible. Saddled with the powers of Cupid, he is forced to hear everyone’s lovelorn thoughts - in song form! Surrounded by would-be couples, Dean finds that the only way to make the singing stop is to do the unthinkable: play Cupid. With a lighthearted variety of love stories to bring to fruition, Dean has his work cut out for him, and he’s not happy about it. If you’ve ever yearned for a matchmaker to swoop in and make your romantic dreams a reality, watch out. This ain’t no baby in a diaper.

 Cupidity is a comedy in two acts. 


Full Production in 2016 at Kirk's Studio for the Performing Arts in Scottsdale, AZ

Winner of the 2009 Studio 204 Competition at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Student Production mounted in 2009 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst



"In the world of her play Cupidity and several others, the mythical is not dead – it lives on, separated by gossamer threads, and for some of us, myths do indeed come to life... I stand in awe of her prolific writing, her sense of dialogue and timing, and I seek to emulate her knack for the mythical...I say that the theatre world at large cannot afford to miss the work of Jamie Maletz." (Joshua G., "Cupidity" cast member, 

Break Down

Cast/Set Requirements and Production Details

Cupidity is in two acts and lasts approximately two hours. There are minimal dancing requirements, and the show has role opportunities for both young and older actors.


1 Woman
1 Man

Through several unisex names and careful musical planning, this show is written so that most of the couples could be played by any combination of genders/sexualities.


DEAN: An arrogant, stubborn divorce lawyer who is cynical about love. He is very opinionated and competitive, and he thinks that he knows everything and can win at everything.

VICTORIA: A capable, strong, intimidating divorce lawyer (and Dean’s rival). She has incredible empathy, but expresses it via fierce protection and firm guidance (if she’s on your side) and ruthless attacks (if you’re a threat to someone she’s helping).

RILEYDean’s paralegal. Seemingly helpful and sincere, but with a shallow and arrogant side (which he is aware of and trying to keep in check). A former high school jock and bully who believes he is a much better person now.

WALKERDean’s confident and practical receptionist. She is very upfront and unapologetically herself. She earned her confidence by going through a lot of bullshit and learning to not care about it.

ZOE: Dean’s sister. She has a big heart and is soft-spoken and meek. She is currently unsure of everything, from what she wants to do with her life to who she wants to be with.

SUMMERDean’s quirky but laid-back ex-girlfriend. She is resolute and secure in herself, and she seems “cool”, but she avoids drama at all costs, shying away from problems rather than let herself get worked up over them.

SAM: A librarian at Flagler College and a former client of Dean’s whose divorce was completed about a year ago. She is VERY Insecure, but also can’t help being generally enthusiastic. She is always planning and trying new things, trying to find a way for her life to feel fulfilling.

CASEYThe owner of The Beachcomber (where Dean is a regular) and the ‘boy next door’ type. Sweet, sensitive, almost suave, fun, and warmly supportive. Basically, EXACTLY the type of guy you would expect to be friendzoned.

MAXA professor at Flagler College who teaches Philosophy and Dean’s best friend. He is patient, stoic, and kind, and tends to assume things will work out as long as he keeps working calmly towards the desired outcome. But when things do pile up enough that he starts to get overwhelmed, he tends to implode quietly.

ADRIANA manager at The St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum, and Max’s fiancée. Well, former fiancée, unless Dean can fix things. He is incredibly caring and organized, but also emotional, easily flustered, and uptight.

APHRODITEThe goddess of love, and she’s a foul-mouthed, playfully bitchy, sassy diva.

CUPETTES: Aphrodite's smug minions.


Set Requirements
This musical is set in present day, St. Augustine, Florida. Most of the scenes are in Dean’s office (he has a private practice Family Law firm and specializes in divorces) or at the beach/The Beachcomber restaurant (which is right on the beach). There is one scene at The St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum.


Requesting Rights

The Perusal Packet is free, and it contains a full synopsis, script excerpt and sheet music excerpt. Email to request one.

Jamie Elizabeth Maletz is a composer/lyricist, bookwriter and producer. In New York, her works have been featured at Feinstein's/54 Below, NYU, Dixon Place, Under St Marks Theater, and Broadway Night at Prohibition. She recently received her MFA from the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch. Maletz has written 12 full-length original musicals, and she runs a choir for new works of musical theater with writing partner Eric Fegan (New Work City). She is a member of ASCAP, Maestra, The Dramatists Guild of America, and Fractured Atlas.

Maletz received her BA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011, where she designed her own major: Creative Writing and Composition for the Performing Arts. She spent her high school years at Boston Arts Academy, a performing arts high school from which she graduated as Valedictorian.

She is a monster enthusiast & mythology nerd, she loves board games, and she is an amateur photographer/videographer whose favorite models are her two cats, Artemis and Batman.