Highlights from Cursed

Song clips from Cursed the Musical, performed at The Peoria Center for the Performing Arts in Peoria, AZ in May 2017.

Happy With Her

"Happy With Her" from Cursed the Musical, performed by Adam Sowards and Brynn Lewallen at the Composer/Lyricist Cabaret at Phoenix Theatre, May 13th, 2017

Everyone in the town of Shallow Springs is cursed, and no one talks about it. But they sure as hell sing about it.

In the small town of Shallow Springs, everyone is cursed. Some know they are, some don't, but everyone refuses to talk about it and suffers in silence. When Colin moves in, he is determined to find some answers (with the help of the quirky narrator that only he can see). Soon everything begins to unravel, but not in the way that he expected.

Cursed is a dramatic comedy in two acts.


Full Production in May 2017 at Theater Works in Peoria, AZ

Break Down

Cast/Set Requirements and Production Details

Cursed is in two acts and lasts approximately two hours.


1 Woman
1 Man

5 Women
3 Men

Ghosts, Townspeople, Samuel, Minister


COLIN: New in town. Smart but easily frazzled, stubborn and questions everything.

NARRATOR: A witty know-it-all who takes everything literally and lacks social skills (as no one can see or hear her).

MASON: The son of the wealthiest man in town. He is independent, passionate, and determined.

PAIGE: Mason's girlfriend. Gentle, good-hearted, honest, and down-to-earth.

WES: Mason's best friend. He is blunt and tactless.

EVA: Mason's cheerful, optimistic ex-girlfriend. She is even more tactless than Wes, and not very bright.

IRIS: The town psychic. She can only speak when asked a question, and the only thing she can say is the answer to that question.

ROLAND: Mason's cold, distant father.

MAGDA: A perpetually drunk and horny cougar.

CALLIOPE: A young woman whose forbidden love led to disaster centuries ago. Now eerie and inhuman, she resides, unseen and unknown, within the town.

Set Requirements

A cliff
Town Center
A park/garden
Mason's living room
Iris's living room
A sparse cave
An empty room/basement

Minimum Production Requirements




Town Center/A cliff
A park/Outside the old church
Mason's living room/Iris's living room/an empty room or basement
A sparse cave

Requesting Rights

The Perusal Packet is free, and it contains a full synopsis, fuscript excerpt and sheet music excerpt. Email jamie.maletz@gmail.com to request one.

Jamie Elizabeth Maletz is a composer/lyricist, bookwriter and producer. In New York, her works have been featured at Feinstein's/54 Below, NYU, Dixon Place, Under St Marks Theater, and Broadway Night at Prohibition. She recently received her MFA from the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch. Maletz has written 12 full-length original musicals, and she runs a choir for new works of musical theater with writing partner Eric Fegan (New Work City). She is a member of ASCAP, Maestra, The Dramatists Guild of America, and Fractured Atlas.

Maletz received her BA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011, where she designed her own major: Creative Writing and Composition for the Performing Arts. She spent her high school years at Boston Arts Academy, a performing arts high school from which she graduated as Valedictorian.

She is a monster enthusiast & mythology nerd, she loves board games, and she is an amateur photographer/videographer whose favorite models are her two cats, Artemis and Batman.