Hiding Place

Gabrielle Carrubba (Dear Evan Hansen) sings "Hiding Place". Orchestrations: Elspeth Collard. Musicians: Caty Butler (cello), Magda Kress (bass) & Meghan Doyle (drums). 🏳️‍🌈

Calm Down at 54 Below

Catherine Ricafort (SpongeBob SquarePants, Honeymoon in Vegas & more) & Devin Ilaw (Miss Saigon, Les Misérables) SLAYED this duet at 54 Below!


"Found" (the finale), performed by Cori Jaskier, Jamie Maletz, Eric Sorrels & Matthew Berzon.

I Hope You Weren't the One

"I Hope You Weren't the One" from Lost and Found, performed by Mikki Sodergren.


New Work City performs "Lost!" from Lost and Found.

53rd & Park

"53rd & Park" from Lost and Found, performed by Bridget Elise Yingling.

Found My Reason

"Found My Reason" from Lost and Found, performed by Sarah Joy Kane.

Don't Mix

"Don't Mix" from Lost and Found.

Calm Down

"Calm Down" from Lost and Found, performed by Keri René Fuller and Devin Ilaw.

A song cycle about the moments in life when we find or lose something important.

From gut-wrenching lows to blissful highs, this song cycle explores those extreme moments in life when we find or lose something important. With fourteen original standalone songs, this evening of musical theatre delivers humor, poignancy, and some awesome harmonies.

"Lost"- Opening number. Four people are each feeling lost for different reasons. One is literally lost in the woods. One is worried her relationship is going nowhere. One just got fired from his job. One is facing a child custody decision.
"Bring Our Love Back"- Duet about lost love.
"Don't Mix"- Solo about lost inhibitions/found courage.
"Blank"- Solo. A woman filling out an intake form at a doctor's office finds out something important.
"Road Trip"- Quartet about a family lost on a road trip. 
"53rd & Park"- Solo about a woman who finds a cat.
"My Muse"- Solo about a composer with writer's block, hoping to find his muse.
"Calm Down"- Duet between a feuding couple. Both are losing their temper.
"I Hope You Weren't the One"- Solo about finding an old letter from an ex.
"Found My Reason"- Solo where a person who was always seen as a villain finally decides to embrace that reputation.
"Right Place, Right Time"- Duet about finding love.
"Hiding Place"- Solo about a closeted gay woman who has just lost her virginity to a man.
"Bermuda Triangle"- Quartet about a young woman who finds herself lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
"Found" - Closing number.


45-Minute Concert at Dixon Place in May 2018

"Calm Down" was performed at Feinstein's/54 Below in August 2018

Break Down

Cast/Set Requirements and Production Details

There are 14 songs in the song cycle Lost and Found. This song cycle can be performed with as few as 4 cast members, but there is room for more. Most of the songs can be performed by any combination of genders/non-binary performers.

"Lost"- Group number. 4-8 singers.
"Bring Our Love Back"- Duet. Typically sung by a male and a female.
"Don't Mix"- Solo.
"Blank"- Solo. Typically sung by a female.
"Road Trip"- Quartet. Typically sung by 2 men and 2 women.
"53rd & Park"- Solo about a woman who finds a cat.
"My Muse"- Solo.
"Calm Down"- Duet. Typically sung by a male and a female.
"I Hope You Weren't the One"- Solo.
"Found My Reason"- Solo.
"Right Place, Right Time"- Duet.
"Hiding Place"- Solo. Typically sung by a female.
"Bermuda Triangle"- Group number. 4-6 singers.
"Found" - Group number. 4-6 singers.


Requesting Rights

If you would like to purchase the rights to perform this song cycle, please email jamie.maletz@gmail.com. You can also purchase sheet music for individual songs by going to the Store page on this website.

Jamie Elizabeth Maletz is a composer/lyricist, bookwriter, and producer of new works of musical theater. In New York, her works have been featured at Lincoln Center, Feinstein's/54 Below, NYU, Dixon Place, Under St Marks Theater, and Broadway Night at Prohibition. She received her MFA from the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch. Maletz has written 12 full-length original musicals, most of which have received workshops/readings or productions in New York and Arizona. As a composer/lyricist, Jamie has studied with Mindi Dickstein, William Finn, Rachel Sheinkin, Michael John LaChiusa, Steven Lutvak and Sybille Pearson. Jamie is the Administrative Assistant for Maestra Music Organization, and she writes the Women Who Wow Us series for the Maestra blog. She is also the Events Coordinator for Ring of Keys, and has worked as an intern with Feinstein’s/54 Below, Tom Viertel/The Commercial Theater Institute, and Ken Davenport. 

She is a member of The Off-Broadway League, Maestra, ASCAP, The Dramatists Guild of America, and Fractured Atlas.

Maletz received her BA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011, where she designed her own major: Creative Writing and Composition for the Performing Arts. She spent her high school years at Boston Arts Academy, a performing arts high school from which she graduated as Valedictorian.

She is a monster enthusiast & mythology nerd, she loves board games, and she is a photographer/videographer whose favorite models are her two cats, Artemis and Batman. 



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