A comedy about a cynical divorce lawyer who is forced against his will to be Cupid as a punishment from Aphrodite.
Oh The Humanity
Locked away since Antiquity for abusing their powers, the three Goddesses of Vengeance finally have a chance to be released...if they can pretend to be mortal and infiltrate an insane asylum to free Zeus's son.
Forget the actors- this show takes place entirely backstage! Behind the scenes, it's fun, crazy and unpredictable, and as this comedy is quick to point out, not all the drama takes place on the stage...
In the small town of Shallow Springs, everyone is cursed. Some know they are, some don't, but everyone refuses to talk about it and suffers in silence. When Colin moves in, he is determined to find some answers (with the help of the quirky narrator that only he can see). Soon everything begins to unravel, but not in the way that he expected.
Through the Mist
A hidden island, a dark past, a dangerous prophecy...magic and mystery are in abundance for those who journey through the mist!
Up in the Air
Everything you've ever experienced on an airplane...and then some...comes to life when this common method of transportation turns 12 lives upside down.
100 Rooms
Artemis has lived her entire life in a social and historical experiment- a gigantic house hidden deep in the woods, with each floor set up so that the residents live in the style of a certain era. But there are secrets in the house, and with the illusion balanced so delicately, the smallest thing could cause it to crack.
Dreams, Greed, and Sea Monsters
What do dangerous journeys at sea with greedy, dastardly captains and vicious whirlpool-creating sea monsters have in common with our world? Nothing...until now. Dreams and reality collide in a world with a purple sky, filled with dangers, curses, and of course the legendary Charybdis.
Choose Your Own
In this unusual form of musical YOU have a say in the story! The audience is taken on a 'choose your own adventure'-style journey that is a mix between a who-dun-it mystery and a role-playing game, where audience members are immersed- literally- in the story. Full of hilarity, cliche character stereotypes, and one-of-a-kind heart and originality, this musical brings a whole new type of experience into the realm of live theatre.
In the Dark
In a kingdom where everyone fears the dark- so much that they lead a nocturnal lifestyle- a princess, her handmaiden, a knight, and his squire journey to a place between this world and the next to save their home from a terrible fate.
Wishful Thinking
Down on her luck, Tallie can't remember the last time her life wasn't a mess. She believes she is at rock bottom, but when she unwittingly unleashes a djinn, she learns the hard way how much worse things can get. Friendly genies are just for kid's movies, folks. Be careful what you wish for.
Musing (short play)
(SHORT PLAY) A young author struggling with writer's block is desperately in need of some inspiration! But when the Nine Muses of Greek Mythology start showing up in his living room, he gets more than he bargained for...
The Chump Button (short play)
(SHORT PLAY) What happens when the one who writes your dreams runs out of ideas? You may find yourself trapped in your worst nightmare. And if you think someone's going to come save you...dream on.
Lost and Found (song cycle)
From gut-wrenching lows to blissful highs, this song cycle explores those extreme moments in life when we find or lose something important.