Composer/Lyricist Reel

An updated reel of songs with music & lyrics by me. So much love to all the performers, musicians & orchestrators involved. Credits are in the YouTube description.

Hiding Place

Gabrielle Carrubba (Dear Evan Hansen) sings "Hiding Place". Orchestrations: Elspeth Collard. Musicians: Caty Butler (cello), Magda Kress (bass) & Meghan Doyle (drums). Happy National Coming Out Day. 🏳️‍🌈

Eat Me

Music by Eric Fegan, Lyrics by Jamie Maletz, Orchestrations by Elspeth Collard. Feat. Jason SweetTooth Williams, Badia Farha, Cori Jaskier, Kennedy Kanagawa, MinJi Kim, Luana Psaros & Dani Weiner

Twinkle Lights

Happy Holidays, everyone! Here's a song about twinkle lights starring Susan O'Dea, orchestrated by Elspeth Collard. Please enjoy my last virtual performance video of 2020. What a wild ride it's been.

Evil Eye

Jasmine Forsberg, Ysabel Jasa & Noah Virgile sing "Evil Eye" from the musical Wishful Thinking. Orchestrations by Elspeth Collard.

Here in Iceland

Opening Number from THE VALLEY. Featuring Jelani Remy, Brittney Johnson, Devin Ilaw, Keri René Fuller, Kevin Massey, Desi Oakley & Ally Bonino.

No Matter How You Look at It

Susan O'Dea sings "No Matter How You Look at It" from What's Wrong With Me??. Orchestrations by Elspeth Collard.

Stay the Hell Inside

An important message for these wild times.

One Night

This one goes out to all the would-be couples who have been cockblocked by the coronavirus. Here's hoping you find love in this madness.

A Delicate Dance

A quarantine collaboration/virtual concert with Susan O'Dea (Singer), Caty Butler (Cello), Jarrett Murray (Bass), and Meghan Doyle (Drums). Orchestrations by Elspeth Collard.

She Will Rock You Opening Speech

The "She Will Rock You" concert was an amazing night of shining a light on badass female writers. Here's the opening speech.

Holiday Songbook Concert

Our Lincoln Center debut! "Cozy" (Music by Eric Fegan, Lyrics by Jamie Maletz). Performed by Mikayla Iovine and William Bishop.

"Things I Can Believe"

We shared some songs from The Valley at The Duplex on Feb. 16th! It was magical. :) In this video, Catherine Ricafort and Keri René Fuller perform "Things I Can Believe". More videos on The Valley page.

Happy February 1st!

Here's a song about someone who's not so happy about it. "February Fucks Me Up", performed by Marcel Werder.

Happy Pride, Everyone

In celebration of Pride, here is the phenomenal Ally Bonino and Cori Jaskier debuting a love duet from Jamie's song cycle "What's Wrong With Me??", with Eric Fegan on piano.

Happy Almost Halloween!

Catherine Ricafort (SpongeBob SquarePants, Honeymoon in Vegas, Allegiance & more) sings "Any Other Day" from What's Wrong With Me?? Orchestrations by Eric Fegan.

The musical we ALMOST wrote

This week, New Work City recorded a song from Eric and my other thesis musical idea, Underneath (which we still want & plan to write). Performed beautifully by Michela Masotti, Nikki Amico, and Sam Paley.

End-of-Year Concert

Jamie organized "Write A Song: An End-of-Year Concert with Songs by the Students of William Finn" at NYU and wrote the finale.

Jamie Maletz is a Composer/Lyricist and Bookwriter.

If you took The Good Place, Little Shop of Horrors, Gilmore Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wicked, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Sara Bareilles, basically all of the 90's Disney movies, and put them in a blender, you'd basically have my writing style. That's really the best picture I can paint you.


They're not ALL supernatural dramatic comedies, okay??

The Valley

The Valley

AuthorsBook & Lyrics by Jamie Maletz, Music by Eric Fegan


Over two million people visit Iceland annually, eager to explore its black beaches and blue glaciers while driving the Ring Road in search of the elusive Northern Lights. Four tourists believe they have signed up for a free volunteer trip to help "repair damage caused by local elements" in Iceland. They are technically correct, but definitely not in the way they expected. The journey they get wrapped up in brings the very problems they were running away from to the surface.

The Valley is a story about redemption, taking action in the face of impossible odds, and discovering what it means to find a new normal.

 “The Valley” is a contemporary dramatic comedy with a running time of approximately two hours. It has a contemporary pop-rock score with influences ranging from Icelandic folk music and progressive rock to Disney ballads and swing jazz.

Book & Lyrics by Jamie Maletz
Music by Eric Fegan


What's Wrong With Me??

What's Wrong With Me??

AuthorMusic & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


Sometimes in life, you feel like everything is under control, and you're a fairly normal person who has their shit together and you're going to be okay.


This song cycle is about the other times.

All the lyrics come from assignments in William Finn's lyric-writing class at NYU, which William then asked Jamie to set to music. Noticing a theme, Jamie turned the set into a song cycle written by her and her friends. (We're fine. Thanks for asking.)

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking

AuthorsBook, Music & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


After years of life beating her down, and at the tail end of a bad marriage, Tallie is desperate for a new start. She picks a small town on a map at random and moves there, finding a job at an antique shop. But if Tallie thought she was at rock bottom before, she’s about to start digging. When she unwittingly unleashes an evil genie, she learns the hard way how much worse things can get. Because this genie wants freedom, and she wants Tallie to take her place. If this kind of evil gets loose, Tallie won’t be the only one who suffers. Friendly genies are just for kid’s movies, folks. Be careful what you wish for.




Choose Your Own...

Choose Your Own...

AuthorsBook, Music & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


In this unusual form of musical, YOU have a say in the story. The audience is taken on a journey that is a mix between a who-dun-it mystery and a role-playing game, where audience members are immersed- literally- in the story. Full of hilarity, cliché character stereotypes, and one-of-a-kind heart and originality, this musical brings a whole new type of experience into the realm of live theatre. 

The actors playing the Leading Man, Ingénue, Comic Relief, Bad Guy, Outcast, Narrator, Ensemble Member, and even the techies have been trapped in the theater for longer than they can remember. Forced to act out plots given to them by the same mysterious force that kidnapped them, all they can do is hope that the audience will make the right choices that can lead to them being set free.



Up in the Air

Up in the Air

AuthorsBook, Music & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


There are certain types of people that you will always find on an airplane. The lady with the screaming baby. The surly flight attendant. The bickering couple you inevitably get stuck sitting with. And they all have their own stories. What starts out as an ordinary flight takes 12 people on an extraordinary journey that turns their lives upside down in this musical comedy.


100 Rooms

100 Rooms

AuthorsBook, Music & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


Artemis has lived her entire life in a social and historical experiment- a gigantic house hidden deep in the woods, with each floor set up so that the residents live in the style of a certain era. But there are secrets in the house, and with the illusion balanced so delicately, the smallest thing could cause it to crack.

Artemis' aunt, Mim, is the scientist who runs the house. Artemis is responsible for helping to keep the house clean and orderly, sticking to the shadows and staying mostly out of sight. Despite feeling like a ghost, yearning to go outside, and dealing with her boredom by causing mischief, she is relatively content with her existence. She has no idea how intensely everything is about to fall apart.



Lost and Found

Lost and Found

AuthorMusic & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


From gut-wrenching lows to blissful highs, this song cycle explores those extreme moments in life when we find or lose something important. With fourteen original standalone songs, this evening of musical theatre delivers humor, poignancy, and some awesome harmonies.

"Lost"- Opening number. Four people are each feeling lost for different reasons. One is literally lost in the woods. One is worried her relationship is going nowhere. One just got fired from his job. One is facing a child custody decision.
"Bring Our Love Back"- Duet about lost love.
"Don't Mix"- Solo about lost inhibitions/found courage.
"Blank"- Solo. A woman filling out an intake form at a doctor's office finds out something important.
"Road Trip"- Quartet about a family lost on a road trip. 
"53rd & Park"- Solo about a woman who finds a cat.
"My Muse"- Solo about a composer with writer's block, hoping to find his muse.
"Calm Down"- Duet between a feuding couple. Both are losing their temper.
"I Hope You Weren't the One"- Solo about finding an old letter from an ex.
"Found My Reason"- Solo where a person who was always seen as a villain finally decides to embrace that reputation.
"Right Place, Right Time"- Duet about finding love.
"Hiding Place"- Solo about a closeted gay woman who has just lost her virginity to a man.
"Bermuda Triangle"- Quartet about a young woman who finds herself lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
"Found" - Closing number.

In the Dark

In the Dark

AuthorsBook, Music & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


In the kingdom of Silvershade, everyone fears the dark - so much that they lead a nocturnal lifestyle. They awaken at twilight and fill their nights with artificial light and energy, refusing to spend even one moment in the dark. They do this because of an ancient warning that should the darkness ever fall, it will spell their doom.

To save their home from the terrible and inevitable fate that awaits, a princess, her handmaiden, a knight, and his squire must journey to a dangerous place between this world and the next: The Land of the Shades. But all four of them have secrets, all four of them have something they're hiding, and it could mean their undoing.




AuthorsBook, Music & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


In the small town of Shallow Springs, everyone is cursed. Some know they are, some don't, but everyone refuses to talk about it and suffers in silence. When Colin moves in, he is determined to find some answers (with the help of the quirky narrator that only he can see). Soon everything begins to unravel, but not in the way that he expected.


The Arrival

The Arrival

AuthorsBook & Lyrics by Jamie Maletz, Music by Jack Trzcinski


Since an apocalyptic event one year ago, Em has been alone in her underground bunker, and she believes that she is the last woman alive...until she hears a knock on her bunker door. She is visited by a mysterious bickering couple, Lyle and Deb, who are not what they seem.

Book & Lyrics by Jamie Maletz
Music by Jack Trzcinski

Dry Spell

Dry Spell

AuthorsBook & Lyrics by Jamie Maletz, Music by Sean Pallatroni


In this 12-minute musical re-telling of Jack & Jill, two young women climb a tall sand dune to save their desert town from a terrible drought. Legend has spoken of a magical well whose waters will grant any wish, guarded by a sphinx who will only grant selfless requests. But when Jack & Jill reach the top of the dune, the statue of the sphinx is missing its head, and something is amiss...


Book & Lyrics by Jamie Maletz
Music by Sean Pallatroni


Dreams, Greed, and Sea Monsters

Dreams, Greed, and Sea Monsters

AuthorsBook, Music & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


What do dangerous journeys at sea with greedy, dastardly captains and vicious whirlpool-creating sea monsters have in common with our world? Nothing...until now. Lila lives in a tiny studio apartment. She works at a convenience store. Her life is predictably small and simple. But she dreams of a land with a purple sky where she has fallen in love on a deserted beach. Little does she know, the dreams are real, in a world where a power-hungry captain is causing trouble for all who cross him. And when his plans involve the legendary, unbeatable Charybdis...dreams and reality collide.


Through the Mist

Through the Mist

AuthorsBook, Music & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


Hidden away on a secret island that is shrouded in mist, everyone in the world who has magic in their blood lives separated from the rest of mankind. But the island is a dangerous place to be. Years ago, a woman of great evil almost destroyed the island. She was defeated, but she left something behind: a set of twins. And now there is a prophecy that spells doom for the island, the twins, and the future. Throw in a young man who somehow manages to crash his sailboat through the mist, and you've got the beginnings of an amazing and mysterious adventure!


Oh, the Humanity!

Oh, the Humanity!

AuthorsBook, Music & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


Revenge may be sweet, but the Goddesses of Vengeance are anything but! Especially since they’ve been locked away by Zeus since antiquity, as punishment for abusing their powers. But now it's the present, and the Furies are back! To regain their powers and freedom, Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone must pretend to be mortal and rescue Zeus’s son from a mental institution- without resorting to vengeance. Prepare yourself for a whole new kind of crazy as the three goddesses struggle to get accustomed the world that we live in and- even worse- human emotions. 




AuthorsBook, Music & Lyrics by Jamie Elizabeth Maletz


This musical is the ultimate backstage pass! Take a look behind the curtain during the production of a high school show. From the first rehearsal til when the show ends, the technical crews, design crews, and stage hands (aka Techies) work tirelessly- and anonymously- to make everything perfect for the audience. And sometimes what happens behind the scenes- the stuff you never see- is better than the show itself! See for yourself as you watch the goofiness, the works-in-progress, the blow-ups and the melt-downs. In this comedy rich with intertwined personal situations, you’ll find that not all the drama takes place on the stage.


The Chump Button

The Chump Button

Authorby Jamie Elizabeth Maletz

Dreamwriter 724 has, in his opinion, the most boring woman in the world as his client. Unable to take inspiration from her repetitive life, he is scolded by his boss for not coming up with interesting dreams for her. To save himself from getting fired, he hits the red button- a random circumstance generator- which is an embarrassing last resort for Dreamwriters who are out of ideas. But after hitting the button too many times, he makes a huge mess- and he has enter the dream himself to fix it! 



Authorby Jamie Elizabeth Maletz

In this short play (18 pages), Garret Garvey is a modern-day young author struggling with writer's block. In desperate need of inspiration, he jokingly calls out for a muse, and he gets what he asked for...and then some! He is visited by all Nine Muses of Greek Mythology, and they bring him a lot more than just inspiration.

  • The Valley

    Iceland is in danger. And you've never seen an (un)natural disaster quite like this.

  • What's Wrong With Me??

    A song cycle about people WHO ARE TOTALLY FINE (ignore the logo, we're fine)

  • Wishful Thinking

    Be careful what you wish for. Especially if you think you might be cursed. And REALLY especially if you can't control who might be listening.

  • Choose Your Own...

    The musical where YOU control the story.

  • Up in the Air

    It's just a musical about a bunch of people on an airplane. What could go wrong?

  • 100 Rooms

    A long-running social experiment in the middle of the woods with no contact with the outside world...until now.

  • Lost and Found

    A song cycle about the moments in life when we find or lose something important.

  • In the Dark

    If darkness falls, everyone dies, so the entire kingdom is nocturnal. And it's time for a quest.

  • Cursed

    Everyone in the town of Shallow Springs is cursed, and no one talks about it. But they sure as hell sing about it.

  • The Arrival

    After the apocalypse, Em is the last woman alive. Or at least, that's what she thinks...until there's a knock on her bunker door.

  • Dry Spell

    Once upon a time, in a desert facing a terrible drought, Jack and Jill went up a sand dune to solve a Sphinx's riddle.

  • Dreams, Greed, and Sea Monsters

    I mean, the title is like, pretty self-encapsulating for this one.

  • Through the Mist

    Magic exists, it's just all on one secret, hidden island. And things are about to get ugly over there.

  • Oh, the Humanity!

    Imprisoned since antiquity for abusing their powers, the Goddesses of Vengeance now have to pretend to be mortal and rescue Zeus's son.

  • Backstage

    Behind the scenes with the tech crew of a high school drama club, it quickly becomes clear that not all the drama happens on the stage.

  • The Chump Button

    What happens when the one who writes your dreams gets writer's block? You're in for a nightmare.

  • Musing

    A struggling writer wishes for a muse. And he gets visited by ALL OF THEM.


Jamie Elizabeth Maletz is a composer/lyricist, bookwriter, and producer of new works of musical theater. In New York, her works have been featured at Lincoln Center, Feinstein's/54 Below, NYU, Dixon Place, Under St Marks Theater, and Broadway Night at Prohibition. She received her MFA from the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU Tisch. Maletz has written 12 full-length original musicals, most of which have received workshops/readings or productions in New York and Arizona. As a composer/lyricist, Jamie has studied with Mindi Dickstein, William Finn, Rachel Sheinkin, Michael John LaChiusa, Steven Lutvak and Sybille Pearson. Jamie has worked for Maestra Music, Tom Viertel/The Commercial Theater Institute and Ken Davenport.

She is a member of Maestra, ASCAP, and The Dramatists Guild of America.

Maletz received her BA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2011, where she designed her own major: Creative Writing and Composition for the Performing Arts. She spent her high school years at Boston Arts Academy, a performing arts high school from which she graduated as Valedictorian.

She is a monster enthusiast & mythology nerd, she loves board games, and she is a photographer/videographer whose favorite models are her two cats, Artemis and Batman. 



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